A Guide to Estimating Charter Bus Costs in Texas

When it comes to charter bus rentals, one common question we often hear is about the cost involved. The price of renting a charter bus varies depending on several factors unique to your trip. To help you get an idea of the average prices, we have provided some estimates below:


Average Charter Bus Prices in Texas:

Bus TypePer HourPer DayPer Mile
56-Passenger Charter Bus$132 – $185$1,320 – $1,675$4.65 – $5.50
25-Passenger Minibus$130 – $165$1,275 – $1,575$4.40 – $5.25
20-Passenger Minibus$122 – $160$1,225 – $1,460$4.35 – $5.25
18-Passenger Minibus$120 – $155$1,220 – $1,450$4.00 – $5.00


Factors Affecting the Charter Bus Cost:

  • Number of Passengers: Full-sized charter buses can accommodate 50 or more passengers and may cost $100-300 more than minibus rentals. If your group exceeds 56 passengers, you might need an additional vehicle to accommodate everyone.
  • Distance: Local trips are often priced based on an hourly rate (with a 5-hour minimum), while long-distance trips may be charged per day or per mile.
  • Time of Year: Charter bus rentals during the period from April to June, as well as during major events like the SXSW festival and conference in Austin, tend to have increased demand and prices.
  • Other Travel Costs: Overnight trips may require you to arrange lodging for the driver. It is recommended to book at least a 3-star hotel or better to ensure their rest. Additionally, there may be expenses related to parking permits, toll fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Although not mandatory, it is customary to tip the driver 10-15% of the rental cost.


Examples of Estimated Costs

Example 1: The Road Trip To Waco 

Marissa plans a 2-day trip to Waco with 37 fellow fans. The quote received was $2,800, and after considering the driver’s hotel accommodation and tip, the total cost was approximately $3,180, resulting in $85 per person.



Example 2: The High School Football Playoffs:

Coach Lee Nicholson arranges transportation for 78 players, coaches, trainers, and family members to the playoffs. The rental for two full-sized charter buses amounts to $3,350, averaging $47 per passenger.



Example 3: The Shuttle to the Longhorns Game

Jeff, a bar owner near the University of Texas campus, offers shuttle rides for customers during a Longhorns game.

The estimated cost for an 18-passenger minibus for a six-hour rental is $750

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind:

It’s important to note that these estimations may vary based on the specifics of your trip. Every journey is unique, and our dedicated staff is available around the clock to provide personalized quotes. Texas Charter Bus Company serves various cities, including Houston, San Antonio, College Station, El Paso, and more. Feel free to contact us at 830-267-8600 for a no-obligation estimate on your next trip to Texas.