Classic Rolls-Royce

Classic Rolls Royce

Classic Rolls-Royce

1-3 Passengers
Grey Leather
Elegant, pristine white exterior
Privacy Glass
Rear Climate Control
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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

ETI Limousine & Charter is proud to showcase a classic limousine with all the bells and whistles. Our timeless 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is bound to take your breath away on your big day. Often rented out for weddings or a luxurious date night, this luxury car will not disappoint. Our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud limousine is a limited edition right hand driver.

For under $800 this Rolls-Royce is available for weddings, evenings out, and vintage photo shoots. It can also be used at the end of a wedding to bring the newly married couple to their home or hotel. Reserve this Luxury Rolls-Royce in combination with other limousines or even one of our luxury party buses. This Rolls-Royce brings a classic, elegant feel to your wedding and looks outstanding touring the city, or event photographs.

  • Dedicated chauffeur service!
  • Point to point service.
  • Air port transfer.
  • Night life service.
  • Modernized air-conditioning & heating.
  • State-of-the-art, well-maintained engine.
  • Elegantly tailored tan seating.

Rolls Royce is the most avant-garde manner to experience total opulence in a motorcar. It pampers its passengers the way the epochal Ritz Carlton provides a surfeit of grandeur. A Rolls Royce is satisfying…as a bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 with your favorite Almas Iranian Caviar.

The majestic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud saloon was built in three series. The magnificent Silver Cloud Legend began as: 1955 until 1958 as the Silver Cloud I, 1959 until 1962 as the Silver Cloud II, and 1963 until 1966 as the Silver Cloud III. This is the absolute epitome of luxury and elegance. It evolved from the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn.

The Silver Cloud was a major re-design for the day. It is also available as a Bentley. The body on frame design used aluminum for the bonnet, boot lid, and doors. Its frame is welded together and is extremely rigid. The engine is a 4.9 litre straight 6-cylinder mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The Silver Cloud II is still a beautiful automobile and is a true classic in every respect. Did I mention avant-garde? The Silver Cloud is the single most readily identifiable model in the history of the brand. This classic body style is built in three opulent series. This is the car that put Rolls Royce on the map. The car reeks distinction from bumper to bumper. The Silver Cloud blends old world craftsman- ship and charm, time-honored materials, and a great sense of pride in its construction.

A Silver Cloud’s cabin is furnished in the legendary Rolls Royce tradition. Connolly Brothers hand-tailored the hides to perfection. They hand-cut and hand-stitch every inch. As with every hand-crafted Rolls Royce from Crewe…only 1 out of 500 hides are good enough to become materials for the art. The finest parts of these exclusive hides are used for the seating areas. The balance is used for all non-wearing surfaces such as the dash and door panels; the off-cuts are used to edge the carpets.

Of course, fine wood veneers are custom-crafted to each Silver Cloud. The wood for each set comes from the same tree that is usually over 100 years old which adds to the wood’s character. The cabinet-maker hand cuts eight slivers of veneer. He bundles them together and creates a unique pattern. The wood panels are mirror-matched to reflect the opposite side. This same technique is used to make fine home furniture.

After numerous hours are clocked hand-crafting these exquisite panels, they are lacquered and polished by hand until a glass-like appearance is achieved. Every pattern is coded and added to the car’s history book – which is a documentary of the car’s entire build – just in case the panels are damaged beyond repair.

To complete the luxurious Rolls Royce experience, deep-pile carpet is hand-fitted…elegant enough for the finest homes. Wilton 100% wool carpets are hand-tufted to achieve a special effect. The same carpet lines the boot.

The aromatic ambiance of a Rolls Royce permeates throughout the cabin; it gets richer as the car ages – ask anyone who has ever driven a Rolls Royce. The heady aroma of Connolly leather, wood veneers, and Wilton carpets is an intoxicating symphony to delight the senses.

The Silver Cloud was crafted by artisans whose devotion to excellence is legend. Why? Because the automobile they hand-craft appeals to the most discerning patrons in the entire world. The Silver Cloud carried on the Rolls Royce tradition with stately perfection. For these reasons a ride in a Rolls Royce will never seem out of date.