Corporate Service Disclaimer

Corporate Affiliate is subject to the following terms and conditions

1. Corporate Affiliate reserving a vehicle (s) must be 18 years of age or older.
2. Corporate Affiliate is responsible for all payments and additional costs incurred by the client and /or anyone in the client’s party.
3. There is absolutely NO SMOKING and /or EATING in the vehicle (s).
4. No weapons, PETS and illegal substances of any sort will be allowed nor permitted to be used or transported in the vehicle (s). Any violations of this section will result in termination of the contract; furthermore, no refund will be relinquished.
5. Any person(s) under the age of 21 will not be permitted to consume and or be in the possession of any alcoholic beverages. Any violation will result in termination of this contact without refund.
6. The Limousine Service reserves the right to terminate this service without refund due to disorderly conduct by anyone in the party; this includes but is not limited to hanging out of windows, excessive noise, abusive language, etc.
7. No décor or writing on or inside the vehicle (s) allowed; this includes shoe polish, paint, scotch tape, etc. Any attempts to do so will terminate the contract and or services, no refund will be relinquished.
8. An additional $250.00 fee per vehicle (s) will be assessed to the signing client for anyone in the client party vomiting on the interior/exterior of the vehicle (s).
9. The Limousine Service is not responsible for any and all items left in the vehicle (s).
10. The Limousine Service reserves the right to refuse any unscheduled exceeded hours and any changes to the original agreed scheduled runs, unless approved by management.
11. In the event that unscheduled exceeded hours are approved, our regular hourly rate will be charged; discounted rates may not be applicable, unless approved by management.
12. In the event of a schedule change by the client, a $50.00 re-scheduling fee may be added the final cost.
13. Corporate Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that a late arrival grace period due to accidents, congested traffic, breakdowns and unforeseen occurrences will be allowed.
14. In the event of an unforeseen incidence, a comparable substitution vehicle(s) may be provided at no extra cost.
15. Corporate Affiliate must provide a valid credit card and ID to have on file. In the event of cancellation within 72 hours of the scheduled run, you must supply the cancellation in writing. An invoice and receipt will be provided for each trip.
16. High Demand/Special Event – There will be NO REFUND for cancellation within 30 days.
17. The Limousine Services reserves the right to charge for the full amount of the scheduled run whether or not service is used in its entirety.
18. Corporate Affiliate is responsible for any and all damages to the vehicle(s) and/or equipment (this includes but is not limited to defacing, missing, broken items, unnecessary or excessive spillage or littering and etc.)
19. Upon client signature, all rendered services are indisputable.
20. We do not refund unused hours. Please Book accordingly.
21. This agreement will be binding for current and all future services provided by ETI Limousine & Charter.