Best Fall Events in Austin

ETI Limousine & Charter top three events to do in Austin during the fall season.

Best Fall Events In Austin

Best Fall events in Austin, Texas this year are amazing!

Fall season is upon us and people are ready to explore the outdoors and engage with what the season brings us. Each year, we ask our customers what favorite part of Austin, Texas they enjoyed the most. From season travelers to locals, our customers shared with ETI the best fall events to check out while in Austin.

Are you looking for something family friendly or seeking something more for adults? Austin Texas offers plenty of events for both..

The 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl

With so many adults dressing up for Halloween, what a better way to show off than with a Bar Crawl. There is even a $1,000 costume contest that brings out the most creative crowd. Visit EventBrite.com for tickets and information.

Texas football game

Texas Football

The University of Texas in Austin brings more than just great minds.. With Fall weather approaching football seasons kicking off. With a sea of orange and white, we Texans support our Universities. Texas has the most talented players from all around.

This means crowded streets, limited parking and plenty of celebrations; tailgating being the most popular.

For some people, the gatherings that lead up-to or at the end-of each game is the appeal. While others just want to get to the destination. In either case, the reality is your going to be in transit for a good duration.

ETI Limousine & Charter Services choice of vehicles; party bus, classic limousines and mid size coach buses. Other fleet vehicles are available as well..

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Also known as ACL, this music festival brings in so much talent into Austin. It’s an amazing experience. For over two weeks, more than 140 musical performances will be held outside Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. With artists like “SZA, Phoenix, Pink, Flume, LIL NAS X, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ZHU and more information, visit ACLFestival.com

Music Festivals in Austin are very common!

Visit AstinTexas.org for this and other festival information..


Oktoberfest in October celebration

The German-Texan Heritage Society holds this kid-friendly festival at the German Free School. The German Free school is a historical building with plenty of natural beauty. This attendance is nothing like ACL, but it’s definitely the biggest fun around!

Since 1812, Germans have been celebrating this and even provide there own special brew. If your in Austin, be sure to check it out.

This years schedule to perform is Yodel Blitz, Off the Grid & Walburg Boys. To learn more about schedules and activities, please visit GermanTexans.org for more information.

With November’s Thanksgiving and December’s Christ Mas, Texas has something happening.

Every year, our family discusses where to go for Thanksgiving. However, there are so many of us that finding the appropriate accommodations are challenging to say the least.

However, in my opinion only if it’s nice weather, then Austin can be really fun.

I’ve lived in both Austin and San Antonio, so my opinion is based on experience. Austin is ideal for more types of outdoor style activities. When we visit Austin, we rely on ETI to handle our transportation needs. Last year, we had some fun and rode in a limo for our son’s graduation. However, one of our grandma’s had a difficult time getting in and out of it. So, this time we’ll do a charter bus. 

The charter bus from ETI seats 30 passengers, so we were covered. At least with the charter bus, our grandma can get in and out easier. 

If you’ve been to Austin, you know how the traffic and parking can be. For such a small city, it has a population that lives large! So much to do, it’s never a dull moment.

Personally, I enjoy the outdoors, so any park or outdoor venue is always prefered.  Unfortunately, the JW Marriott in Austin just isn’t the same as in San Antonio. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place to stay regardless of the city. It’s just that I’m spoiled with the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country & Latan Spa.

Either way, when you have a large group of people to consider, the JW Marriott in Austin is our place.  With the JW and ETI servicing our family during Thanksgiving Day, you won’t go wrong.

Stay In Shape For December

As the fall season peaks are you ready for the next celebration? As mentioned, the fall brings out the best weather for Texas events. Get ready for fall turning into winter.. Family and friends from all over the globe are visiting Austin. This means a lot of travelling will be going on. Some travel plans are simply just getting to ones destination safely. While others need to have a little more activity planned out in advance.

Whatever your travel plans are, contact ETI Limousine & Charter for a FREE travel consultation!